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Management Consulting for Family and Small Businesses

  "As the twig is bent so grows the tree."

"The power of a family working together in business can be matchless." 



There is a growing awareness and consciousness in our society today.  One of the things that is causing this is the global economy, which absolutely insist on "quality at a low cost."  We must become an organization that empowers people.  It may be possible to buy someone's hands and back, but not their heart, mind and spirity.  It will be only those organizations whose people not only willingly volunteer their tremendous creative talent, commitment and loyalty, but whose organizations align their structures, systems and management style to support the empowerment of their people that will survive and thrive as market leaders.

We need to create a sense of vision that people are drawn to, and united in, that enables them to be driven by motivation inside them toward achieving a common purpose.  We need to seek to draw out, inspire, and develop the best and highest within people from the inside out.  Our entire organization must be engaged in a process that creates a shared vision, which inspires each person to stretch and reach deeper within himself or herself, and to use everyone's unique talents in whatever way is necessary to independently and interdependently achieve that share vision.  To get the kind of trust in a culture that enables an empowerment approach to thrive, we must not only have individuals who are trustworthy and whose vision is shared with the organizarion, we must have a trustworthy organization that fosters and supports empowerment.  If the leaders of a company are principle centered, moral authority will be established.  

Gandhi taught seven things that destroy us:

1) Wealth without Work

2) Pleasure without Conscience

3) Knowledge without Character

4) Commerce without Morality

5) Science without Humanity

6) Worship without Sacrifice

7) Politics without Principles

There is a big difference between wisdom and scholarship.  The wise are not necessarily scholars, and scholars are not necessarily wise.

  • A great leader is seen as a servant first.
  • People freely respond only to individuals who are chosen as leaaders because they are proven and trusted as servants.
  • A leader must be able to clearly point the direction.  "Let us go this way."
  • A leader always knows the way and can articulate it for any who are unsure.
    • By clearly stating and restating the goal, the leader gives certainty to others who may have difficulty in achieving it for themselves.
  • A leader is not egotistical.
    • Ego works in the face of genuine crisis, but has no discernment in deciding the severity of the crisis or threat.
    • An ego is threatened by negative feedback and punishes the messenger.
    • Ego is myopic and interprets all of life through its own agenda.

We must be a company with moral authority (an accepted source of expert information or advice: power to influence or persuade resulting from wisdom, knowledge, understanding or experience.)  The essence of moral authority is sacrifice.

  • Physical and Economic Sacrifice (the Body)
  • Cultivating an Open Inquisitive Mind and Purging Ourselves of Prejudices (the Mind)
  • Showing Deep Respect and Love for Others (the Heart)
  • Subordinating Our Will to a Higher Will (the Spirit)

All the staff of a company must share the Company's Vision and Values before they will be willing to accept the discipline and accountability of structure and systems.


Legacy of a Family Business

Only a very small percentage of family business make into the legacy years.   According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and 95% fail within the first five years.  If you face the issues straightforwardly, which all family businesses must face, deal with these issues with an open and receptive heart and mind, and be willing to change and let go, your family and your company can join this small percentage of successful family businesses and enjoy a legacy of prosperity and harmony for generations to come. I help family members and staff resolve conflicts, improve family and staff relationships by opening the lines of communication and illuminate thinking, and most importantly, help family members build/rebuild trust. The results are greater harmony, more smoothly running operations, increased profitability and productivity, and leaders who are more confident, effective, and passionate about what they do.

I have solid experience and a proven successful record of accomplishment as a management consultant and transformational expert for over twenty years. I have worked directly with twelve companies ranging from a brokerage firm in New York City (Member NYSE, NASD, and SIPC) to a manufacturing company to a startup medical practice to a family business of four in New Jersey. I continue to serve most of these companies in an advisory capacity when needed. My efforts combined with the cooperation, dedication and hard work of the people from each of these companies significantly increased revenue, and profits while creating a more enjoyable workplace where people could do their best work, express more of their talents, and help the company live up to its full potential. 

We accomplished the aforementioned by the following:  
*Formalizing operations and creating a well-designed platform upon which to collaborate.
*Assisting management in creating a clear vision for the company, and helping them successfully convey the vision to their people.
*Establishing think tanks, collaborative teams and regular staff meetings.
*Clarifying roles and delineating responsibilities according to expertise and passion (created formal organizational charts and job descriptions).
*Introducing staff training and development.
*Putting mechanisms in place to ensure accountability.
*Establishing a budget (company and departmental).
*Implementing pay for performance strategies to reward employees based on their measurable accomplished work performance.
*Establishing formal personnel evaluation processes.
*Cutting labor expenses by purging undesirable people and eliminating unnecessary positions.
*Elevating staff as necessary to enhance performance, inspire innovation and efficiency, renew commitments, and expand capabilities.
*Integrating business components into a platform of productivity and expanded capabilities.
*Resolving conflicts.
*Negotiating contracts with critical vendors to adjust pricing.
*Formalizing sales and marketing efforts.
*Building stronger collaborative relationships with customers and vendors. 
*Successive planning from the CEO to management and staff by identifying and cultivating internal talent to ensure uninterrupted work productivity and leadership continuity
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