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Purposeful Parenting

"God Made It Easy to Raise Children!"

God created us with all the resources (actual and potential) that we would ever need to become whole, complete, and entire wanting nothing.  These resources must be tapped.  Parents are the primary means to extract and nurture these resources.  The blueprint (plan) that parents select is critical because there is a two-fold outcome - A child's life is molded and a parent's life is recreated.

   “The Principle of Shared Parenting”
It took two parents (mother and father) to conceive a child, but only one parent (mother) to give birth. Perhaps, since it was the mother who gave birth, she is deemed the most important parent. At least, she seems to have been given the primary status by the majority of society. However, in reality, there is no “primary” parent. Mother and father are equally important. It takes both parents (mother and father) consistently working together to raise a healthy, happy, well-adjusted child. This is true regardless of the family dynamics. 
Mother and father, your child needs you and you need each other! This is true regardless of whether you are married, separated or divorced. Remember, parenting is easy when you work cooperatively together, especially when you teach and apply with patience genuine principles.
Genuine, “true,” principles consistently applied work 100% of the time. 
 “I wish either my father or my mother, or indeed both of them,
As they were in duty both equally bound to it,

Had minded what they were about when they begot me.”
—Laurence Sterne, English Author (1713-1768) 
"The closer you are to the day you were born, the more you know what is best for you.
—Elane Lee-Isa 

"I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born."
—Henry David Thoreau

A "purposeful" parent is:

DELIBERATE(well-advised, carefully considered - weighing facts and probable consequences). 
DECISIVE (having the power or quality of deciding - displaying no or little hesitation). 
DETERMINED (unwavering, settled having made a firm decision being resolved not to change it).
POSITIVE (confident, fully assured, active and effective).
CONSCIOUS (aware, attentive, alert and knowing).
"You cannot teach what you do not know or lead where you do not go."
-Elane Lee-Isa
A parent is a teacher of "life" principles. Life principles build life-skills. Some of LIFE PRINCIPLES include: FAITH (trust, confidence, a firm belief in something for which there is no proof); VIRTUE (moral excellence, valor, chastity, code of ethics); TEMPERANCE (restraint, self-control); PATIENCE (endurance, persistence, fortitude); KINDNESS (compassion, benevolence); CHARITY (giving, helpful); FORGIVENESS (mercy, pardon); DUTY (responsibility); AMBITION (purpose, desire); and FAITHFULNESS (devotion, loyalty, fidelity).

Life Skills include: decision-making; problem-solving; emotional management; communication; self-esteem; self-control; and delaying of gratification.  Life skills are built optimally during the cooperative stage of pre-adolescence.

Be a "purposeful" parent.  Remember, the success of your child's future and your future depend upon the choices that you make.  Purposeful parenting is a sure way of recreating your life.  This is possible regardless of your age or the age or stage of your child.  The process is more intense and painstaking, as you and your child get older.  However, this just means that your transformation may come through a "crash course."  The more children you have the more opportunities you have to perfect yourself.  



Fathering: “Awakening the Sleeping Giants”
According to a 17th-century English proverb,
One Father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

- Right, Responsibility or Necessity -
         For centuries, fathers for the most part have yielded their parenting role to mothers, which has caused the scales of parenting responsibility to be out of balance.  During recent decades, the scales are becoming more balanced as men fight for their parental rights in divorce/custody proceedings. What will it take for the fathers who are not divorced to rise to their positions of responsibility?                                                        
         It is no longer a question of a father's right or responsibility, but rather it is and has always been a question of necessity. An essential part of one's personal ownership and fulfillment is to share consistently one's knowledge, wisdom, skills and self with another individual through teaching, guiding and nurturing. No other arena offers more consistent opportunities than the parenting arena. No other relationship can provide a man the ingredients he needs to succeed personally than the relationship a man has with his child - the more children, the more opportunities for success.   


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