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Throughout my 23 years in private practice, I have worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life and in all types of situations.   Below are some testimonials from just a few of those wonderful people.  I sincerely appreciate each of them taking the time to share their experience.  Their kind words are heartwarming and humbling. 
If you would like to add your testimonial, please send your comments to me via e-mail at
[email protected].  Thank you.


"Thank you for the many, many hours you gave along with the special gifts of your time with special thanks for your commitment and dedication to healing and making lives better."

"In reflecting upon our accomplishments together, I share with you some key points, which I am blessed with and my inner voice keeps telling me to “listen up!”  

1) It is okay for me to have my thoughts, feelings and emotions. 
2) With my goals or needs set, I do not and should not settle. 
3) The word reciprocal is key in friendships, relationships and marriage. 
4) I should not take responsibility or assume I am at fault; other have issues, too." 

"With your knowledge, guidance, and tender loving care, I feel I am able to sort through an issue and realize where it came from or the cause.  One's family life being key....as to the "major" reason I am the way that I am.  Elane, thank you for the unraveling of it all, and for my inner peace."

Thank you, Elane.  I have learned many things from you.  "Self-improvement is an ongoing, work-in-progress, so something that I must remember to remember is do not be too hard on myself.  I have all my notes, our times of tears, our bouts of laughter, the honor/pleasure of know you, my shining star.  Your voice and wisdom are in my heart and my head.  I hear you, I carry you in my heart.  I am most appreciative of who and what you are.  As one of your patients/students, I have reaped the rewards of your knowledge, kindness, patience, and sensitivity along with you compassion and gift of your time.  The blessings of specialness and a bond come to mind."

"I took my floral design basics class #1.  There were five of us.  I learned some helpful hints and procedures.  The dates for the next tow classes were confirmed.  In mentally thinking through it all, I realized that I needed to apply “run for your life!!”  I will find another avenue to accomplish my goal.  I have signed up for a self-improvement class, “Letting Go of Anger,” and will be signing up for “Creating Your Presence.”    Elane, there are no words.  “Thank you” seems so small.  I close with my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.  God’s blessings be yours.  Thank you for propping me up and redirecting me in the direction I should go.  Thank you for being my source of direction.  Elane, you are very special to me.  I carry you in my heart.  You walk along with me."   - Nancy

"I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate your help during the end of this semester.  I admire your willingness to extend a hand at any given opportunity to someone that was in need, acting selflessly for the mere benefit of helping another.  I have always admired your warm-heartedness and genuine intentions, which have undoubtedly guided me and have given me more strength ever since the day that I first met with you.  You are levelheaded and strong-willed and I aspire to be just like you, bestowing the same commendable characteristics and optimistic outlook.   More than anything, I appreciate your kindness and honesty, in which I know I can always count on an unbiased, truthful response from you regardless of circumstances.    All in all, I really appreciate you taking the time away from your vacation to write me documentation for my absence and provide helpful insight as to how to address my situation.  You have been nothing short of a great person and a phenomenal mentor.  In the future, I will continue to practice all of the great life values of moral and ethics you have taught me and always will esteem you for your selfless guidance."  

Love Always,
Allie (Sophomore College Student)

"Many people can recall teachers who made a difference in their lives or somehow inspired them to reach their highest potential.  However, it is rare to hear of such inspiration occurring in adulthood when too often complacency takes hold and most individuals are unaware of the amazing possibilities life has to offer.  I am so fortunate and blessed for Elane Lee-Isa has been, and continues to be, exactly what every great teacher is and more.  Her guidance has seen me through career changes, divorce, deaths, relocation, remarriage, and the challenges of step-parenting, all while focusing on personal growth.  Working with my husband and me individually and as a couple, along with offering parenting support, her wisdom is unsurpassed and she teaches using nothing but principles based on truth.  This method leads to a consistency, which gives Elane the ability to work with all populations on any issue and at varying stages along the therapeutic process.  She is a truly talented professional, yet there are not enough words to express what she has done for me or how much she has affected my world.  Now in my forties and after ten years as my mentor and a permanent part of my support system, Elane remains the most positively influential force in my life. Had it not been for you, Elane, I should have remained what I was when we first met--a prejudiced, narrow-minded being with contracted sympathies and false knowledge, wasting my life on obsolete trifles and utterly insensible to the privilege of living in this wondrous age of change and progress."

I want to thank you for all you have done for me in the past seventeen years. As I think back, I would never believe that I would be in the place I am today. The one thing I will always remember is your warm heart and understanding of situations that we would discuss about my life. You never made me feel judged or without hope. In fact, I always would feel you had the faith for me, and strength that I did not have at times. The principles we talked about did not always make sense, but later, I learned that these principles were the very foundation I needed in my life’s journey. I often think about what I have learned and apply it in my life each day. I laugh at times thinking about how you would say to me, “always do what is right and live by principles, and watch what happens.” I was always amazed of the outcome. In some cases, the results seemed to take forever, but when looking back, it was just a small window of time. Thank you for holding my hand when life seemed overwhelming when all I could do was cry and thank you for rejoicing with me on every victory.  I want to say I felt like I was the only person you were working with at times because of all the love and support you would pour into me. I can truly say that I am a better man today with a solid foundation with direction, and I am happy in my life because of all you have done for me.  I wrote this from my heart.   I am truly blessed. Again, thank you for walking with me in my life and all you have done. It is never forgotten.
"I have known Elane for many years.  My husband and I sought her help when dealing with our rambunctious and very strong-willed boys.  These were some very difficult times, but we always left a session with Elane feeling better than when we arrived.  Her positive attitude and spiritual nature is energizing, and her concern is quite genuine.  I learned a lot from Elane, and in a tough situation, I still ask myself, "What would Elane do?"  My boys have grown into the fine young men that Elane always said they would, and I know we are all better off from the time we spent in Elane's office."


"Over the past seventeen years, it has been our pleasure to know and work with Elane. Always professional, she would make herself available to us in an urgent need. Elane guided us through some rocky times. She has given our family valuable advice during difficult circumstances, and the recommendations we received clearly pointed us in the right direction. We were able to hear what she indicated might happen and in fact, often did! It was not always easy to follow all her suggestions, but having that challenge to live up to always gave us a goal to towards which to work. We could count on solid advice to face our trials with confidence, even the most difficult ones. Elane was generous with her time when she shared with our children lessons on life principals. She has always offered a beautifully decorated, peaceful and serene setting in which we would meet. Elane is genuinely a warm and compassionate, southern sweetheart! Above all this, she is a spiritual woman, someone we have grown to love, admire and truly value as having made a difference in our lives. God Bless Elane!"

"I have worked with Elane for many years now.  I am so happy I found her when I did, as she was there to help me and support me through a very difficult time in my life.  She was the only person I could talk to and feel comfortable with because she was always fair and honest with me.  She gave me the right advice even though I might not have seen it at the time. Throughout the years, I have encountered personal challenges and challenges raising my sons. I always know where to turn for wise and honest advice and candid feedback. Elane is one of the most caring individuals I know and I am honored at this time to call her my mentor and my friend."  

"Instead of reaching for chocolate, one should reach out to Elane Lee-Isa.  The effect is longer lasting and gives one's self greater joy.  I found this to be personally true.  Being a licensed professional and having advanced degrees did not equip me to raise a child or be a good wife.  I needed the help and guidance of Elane.  I can still hear her say, "Reach into another pocket" this excuse is old."  She taught me to connect my behavior patterns and actions to others.  Their responses reflected back what I gave to them.  It sounds so simple, yet I had to be led step by step to learn this.  Elane has professionally responded to the voices of very individual by designing a step-by-step process that enhances the learning process.  She does this by making people actively aware of their own decision making process.  She forces one to think before they act.  This is done by focusing on group discussion and talking individually.  Elane then gives the feedback one needs to correct their behavior.  These are all lifelong learning skills to empower one's self to make decisions and act upon them with confidence.  I personally became empowered to assert my own ideas and myself and became skilled in the decision making process.  What a gift I received from one human being...Elane Lee-Isa...Better than chocolate!"

"I had endured many years of a long, painful divorce and ongoing legal battles with my former husband and his current wife. When I met Elane, I was going through a custody fight with my ex over our children. I was terrified and frantic. I was ready to fight back legally--because I felt sure that was the only way. I was quite distraught and skeptical when Elane told me that families should NEVER go to court. That there should not be winners and losers in a family--but this was the only way I could imagine a change could happen. I had alot to learn.... As I worked with Elane, I began to trust her wisdom and realized certain important things must go through a process for them to work out and last. I learned a great deal of patience as I "stood still" waiting for the craziness to quiet down. During this time, I was able to look inward, breathe, make needed changes and prepare for the wonderful day when everything came full circle and fell into place the way I wanted them to be. Elane went above and beyond as she worked with both sides in our situation and provided an unbiased report to help us come to a new agreement. I feel there is a perfect combination of wisdom and spirituality that inspires Elane. With her help, my faith has been restored -but most of all I have found my inner peace. I am now at a point of strength in my life! Thank you!" 
"I am leaving for Spartanburg, South Carolina and Sherman College to continue my academic pursuit after a long struggle. I want to say thank you for all of the time you have spent with me. You truly have made a positive impact in my life. All that I can do now is put everything that you taught me into action. It is not easy, and everything takes time – I am a work in progress. I will always hold myself accountable and will try not to react on emotions. This part is the most challenging. I look forward to keeping you in my life – you definitely are a huge blessing."

Time spent with you is priceless.  I know in the future, I will miss seeing you every week so we better hang out more now :)!  Your ability to reach into people’s souls and rearrange its content is exactly what this world needs.
Greg (age 22)

Elane, Your comforting voice, wise advice and loving heart got me through so much.  You always will hold a special place in my heart because you were there for me and my sons when we needed someone the most.  
Thank you,
Linda (Single Mom) 

Elane, thank you so much for all your help and guidance.  You are truly a compassionate, caring and wise person.  You have gone above and beyond with our family and it is greatly appreciated.  Dorothy




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